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A comprehensive legal institution specializing in commercial disputes, corporate and investment laws, drafting contracts and agreements, negotiation and arbitration, with a special section for labor, criminal and personal status cases. - In light of the era of globalization and the intensification of competition, Raif Adel Law Firm, with steady steps towards success and internationality, has established its reputation on providing all outstanding legal services and advice to clients in record time and at affordable fees, at the hands of a professional team of consultants, lawyers and talented experts with great experience in the branches of law and sectors Multiple investment, and therefore we always aim to strengthen our strength and develop the skills and capabilities of the work team to keep pace with everything new in the legal and economic environment. We look forward to building strong and long-term relationships with our customers. The measure of our success is the extent to which we meet their different needs wherever they are and find innovative and detailed solutions that help them succeed in all different sectors and fields, including companies, investment, real estate, construction, banks, financial institutions, finance, energy, petroleum, gas, tourism, entertainment, hotels and pharmaceutical industries. Logistics, agriculture, and others. Our vision for the future is not just wishes, but is based on our understanding of the needs of our clients from individuals, legal and commercial companies, and the experience and confidence that enables us to meet them, challenge difficulties and overcome borders. We also have a track record of achievements in various investment sectors that have exceeded the expected goals, Our motto is integrity, transparency with clients, efficiency, excellence and creativity in the services and legal and investment advice we provide. - In order to achieve comprehensive services for companies and individuals, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with the best chartered accountants offices and financial and tax experts to provide accounting, tax and financial advice to our clients.

Get to know the main team

Hamed Hassan Al-Najjar

Maritime arbitration advisor

Tamer Al Taweel

Legal advisor before criminal courts

Ahmed booth Khattab

Legal advisor before commercial and corporate courts

Amir Karam Hassan

Legal advisor before civil courts

Nasser Mohammed Ahmed

Company financial accountant

Dina Ali

Legal advisor before the personal status courts and documenting foreign marriage contracts